Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Supply Files
It is recommended, that wherever possible, you supply your files in PDF format. It is recommended all Word documents be supplied as a PDF. We cannot guarantee there will not be issues with layout as Word documents are prone to have layout issues when opening and printing from different computers.

Q. How To Create Files
If you are creating a multi-coloured document it is important that you create your colours using the CMYK pallets in your design program. Note: Microsoft Office Programs are not capable of producing CMYK output.

Working with CMYK pallets will give you true colour output when printing.
Prepare your artwork with appropriate sized images and logos, e.g. if you have an A4 brochure to be printed, when creating the artwork re-size your images proportionally before importing into your document. Resize it to the size you want in Photoshop or another program before importing into your document. It is important to keep your files at a manageable size while retaining print quality. If you want a spot colour offset printed job then choose whatever Pantone PMS colours are required.

Q. High Resolution is Essential
To obtain maximum quality and sharpness your images and logos need to be supplied in high resolution. A minimum of 300 DPI at output size is recommended.

Q. Outline Your Fonts
It is impossible to have all the fonts that are available. Therefore it is recommended that you outline your fonts before saving as a PDF. It is not possible to do this in all programs, but if you can, it would be appreciated.

If we don't have the font that you have used and you have not supplied the file as a PDF, the font will be substituted with a default font when opened. Supply the font by attaching them to your email, or list the fonts you have used. Default Font substitution will affect your layout.

Q) What happens if you make a mistake?
If an error has occurred due to our fault, we will replace the printing at no cost. However, if the client has signed the Artwork Approval form prior to printing, any re-printing will be charged as per our agreed prices. No claims recognized after 7 days from dispatch of goods.

Q) Weight of Paper Stock?

  • 80gsm (suited for photocopying and manuals)
  • 100gsm (suited for Letterheads and manuals)
  • 130gsm (suited for flyers,folded brochures and booklets)
  • 150gsm (suited for flyers,folded brochures and booklets)
  • 200gsm (suited for brochures, very light card stock)
  • 250gsm (suited for promo cards and folded cards)
  • 300gsm (suited for business cards and postcards)
  • 310gsm (suited for business cards and postcards)
  • 350gsm (suited for business cards and postcards)
  • 400gsm (suited for business cards and postcards)

Q. Print Markings and Preparations
If your job needs to be trimmed to size after printing please supply the file with trim marks

If you have created your document with colour Aprints right to the edge of the sheet, you must supply your file with 5mm bleed and trim marks.
If you are unsure about this process, please call us before creating your document. There are a few traps that you need to be aware of. This is a vitally important step.
If you need assistance in any of these steps listed above please call us and we will be more than happy to guide you through the processes.

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